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NaPoWriMo 5/30

Facebook stalking

Today is date day,

I am warm and full

and waiting for you


To pass the time

I am deep into 2013

and making mental notes


I won’t mention

your shit hair

or that god awful shirt


I won’t mention

Brussels with her

or the lock you left in Paris


I won’t mention

how she was right

in the argument of February 3rd


I won’t mention

I look like her

when I smile


I won’t mention

how our cheeks are similar

how you kissed hers often


I won’t mention

that you’re still tagged

that you’re still friends


your hand greets my arm

I lock my phone

and smile harder than usual


‘Sorry I’m late,

hope you found something

to pass the time’


I shield my cheeks

‘something, nothing,

isn’t it warm today?’

By Charley Genever

Emerging poet from Peterborough addicted to words would like to meet similar minded folk to engage in a poetry revolution.

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