Emerge Boston presents Random Acts of Shakespeare (Apr 17 – Apr 2018):

A year long project with young people in Boston where I was a Young Artistic Director, supporting two groups of young people aged 13-19 to lead on, organise and create work for a verbal arts festival based on the work of Shakespeare. I was able to create a deep bond with the young people, discussing issues they are passionate about such as friendship, community, and gender. This led to them really taking ownership of the festival, providing powerful performances including young producer Laken performing a slam poem in front of his friends and family where he came out as a trans man.

Poetry at Peterborough Lido (May 2017):

Commissioned by Keely Mills to write poetry in response to Peterborough Lido for its 80th birthday. In 2018 lines from my poem were included as part of a series of murals painted onto the Lido by Peterborough Presents. Below are words from the poem ‘Refraction’.

Pickers, Pluckers, and Packers  (April – Aug 2017):

For Peterborough Environment City Trust’s yearly Green Festival 2017, myself and Keely Mills were one of eight commissions responding to the brief ‘there is no Plan B’. Pickers, Pluckers, and Packers is an exploration of Peterborough’s contribution to seasonal work; the pickers, pluckers, and packers who are often migrant workers. We worked with two poets living in Peterborough who themselves came to England through this work, and consulted local industry reps about the impact of Brexit on these communities.

The resulting audio piece (below) was showcased as an immersive audio tour – festival goers got onto a minibus (driven by a former gang master) where they listened to the poetry as they journeyed to a local farm. Once at the farm, participants took part in some manual labour, picking fruits, and learning a little about the hardships of manual work. They listened to the second half of the piece on the journey back.


Eyes on Me (Jul – Sept 2018):

A collaboration of spoken word and dance between myself and HawkDance Theatre, exploring the ways young people interact online. Following consultation with young people, we shared a residency space where we devised the piece. We created 5 responses to the theme; imagining the ‘senses’ online alternatives. The film produced will be launched in Sept 2018.

Poetry Cut-Ups:

I produce cut-up poems, taking magazine articles from women’s mags to subvert patriarchal culture to explore feminism within the media. One piece, ‘Ode To Your Every Body Hair’ was exhibited at the first Nasty Women UK exhibition in London.


By Charley Genever

Emerging poet from Peterborough addicted to words would like to meet similar minded folk to engage in a poetry revolution.

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