Charley Genever is a poet, writer, and creative producer born and raised in Peterborough, and on 26th November 2015 she was crowned Peterborough Poet Laureate 2016. She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University, and since graduating she returned to Peterborough where she was successfully selected onto the Emerge training programme for emerging artists in Peterborough. Since then she has worked with and performed for Cambridge Junction, Apples and Snakes, the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Curve, the Green Festival, the YMCA, and the Roundhouse. She collaborated with The Poetry Society and Southbank Centre where she programmed National Poetry Day Live 2015 and also performed as part of the day. Most notably in April 2016 she performed at The Royal Albert Hall as a finalist at Poetry Rivals 2015.

Living and working from Peterborough, she is a team captain at ‘Write Club’, and produces her own quarterly spoken word night ‘Freak Speak’. She has also been published in multiple anthologies including ‘The Great British Write Off’ (Bonacia), Poetry Rivals 2015 (Poetry Rivals), ‘Madder Than We Look’ (Write Minds), and her poem ‘Thread in Three Parts’ is due for publication this year in Mud Press’ latest anthology, ‘W O M A N’.

As poet laureate she will be relentless. She will not stop until the mortar between each brick holds a metaphor; until the river ripples in stanzas; until every tongue in this city has tasted the air between it and the first reading of a new favourite poem. As the youngest ever laureate, she is looking to bring a new kind of raw and unapologetic poetry to a younger audience, share her passion for her art form to the masses, and inspire the next generation of poets. She is available for commissions, workshops, performances, and all round poetryness.

Her words smack against eachother, bloodied and raw in equal measure disgusting and beautiful. She has a turn of phrase that is wonderfully unique and she paints a picture that exists somewhere outside of reality, weaving poems that live on in the memory.” – Yack Magazine

Contact her via – charleygenever@hotmail.co.uk

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